Review Of FroYo Bar Free Web Browser Game

FroYo Bar is an online web browser game where you are operating a Frozen Yogurt Bar. You will serve a diverse group of customers by making their orders of frozen yogurt in various sizes with all sorts of toppings. As you progress through the game you can upgrade your shop and equipment to better serve your clientele.

Character Creation

When you start playing FroYo Bar, the first step is to select your character. There are two characters, one man and one woman. As far as we know, the character is purely aesthetic and does not have any influence on the actual gameplay. 

Taking Customer Orders

In the home screen, customers will approach your frozen yogurt cart at the beach and give you their order. Orders consist of an amount of yogurt, base toppings, amount of time to blend the initial mix, then cup size (small, medium, large) and finally extra add-on toppings such as brownies, pretzels and other candy. To fulfill the orders, you must go through a three step process.

  1. You must select the base topping and blend for the specified time. During the blending process, you can take an additional customer’s order if you want to maximize your time. Time is limited every day, so to get the highest scores you will need to start a second order before the first order finishes.
  1. Once you have turned off the blender, you must select the customer cup size (small, medium or large).
  1. Once you have selected the cup size, you must add an appropriate amount of the addon toppings. When you add the add-on toppings, the machine bar will rotate from red, to yellow, to green and to get the highest score you must stop the machine in the green zone. 

The three steps of the orders will be scored under “Time”, “Preparation” and “Decoration”. If you achieve high scores then you will receive higher tips from your customers. As you gain more tips (currency is €), then you will be able to buy shop and machine upgrades.

Also, as your shop expands, the game will unlock new ingredients for your toppings such as blueberries. 

Shop and Machine Upgrades

As you gain income from customers, you can reinvest the proceeds into your frozen yogurt business. There are several upgrades you can purchase to upgrade your equipment and decorate your shop. The new upgrades can make it easier to accommodate your customers. For example, the blender upgrade can speed up the time it takes to blend your customer’s orders. The filling and decoration machinery upgrades can make it easier to hit the green zone and get the high score for preparation and decoration. 


The game FroYo Bar is available through a web browser. It does not require downloading and installing game files, nor does it require downloading any mobile apps since it can be played on PC. You can find this game on various arcade websites: