Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts – Basic Book Review 2023

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The full name of the book is Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts. As an Amazon Associate, earns from qualifying purchases. The book tagline is sweet, simple and homemade. The author of this book is Peggy Fallon. This book is available in paperback and hardcover format on Amazon. We could not find any e-books available for this book. The book that we reviewed is the hardcover version, so we cannot speak to the contents of the paperback, but it is likely the contents are almost exactly the same. This book was published in 2007. 

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There are eight chapters in this book. Chapter 3 is dedicated to frozen yogurt and soy ice milk. We counted 10 frozen yogurt recipes in total. Our favorite recipe is the spiced plum frozen yogurt recipe. According to this book, the best type of plum for this recipe is Santa Rosa plums. Due to the amount of pectin inside of plums, plum frozen yogurt is naturally quite thick. The spices also add an additional level of flavor. One thing to keep in mind about pectin is that it is also found in other types of fruits and vegetables such as apples, apricot, oranges, and carrots. Processed food also uses a lot of pectin. However, it is a naturally occurring substance.

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Before trying to use any of the recipes in this book, we advise readers to know that the majority of recipes in this book require an ice cream maker machine. Making a frozen yogurt without that type of specialized equipment is quite difficult and not very convenient for the average person. If you are going to buy this book and expect to make great frozen yogurt or other types of frozen desserts, you should be aware of this. You will not be able to do much unless you already have an ice cream machine. However, there are many options when it comes to buying an ice cream maker machine for your home, and even on a small budget you may be able to get what you need. This book also reviews three different types of ice cream machines: machines that have built-in compresses, frozen canister ice cream makers, and another type of ice cream maker churner called the salt and ice  churner. Which ever type of ice cream machine you have, as long as you have one of these three you’ll be able to get started with the recipes in this book.

The recipes in this book are fairly reasonable when it comes to the amount of ingredients you require. While some recipes do have very specific ingredients that may not necessarily be easy to find, the author has provided substitutes that you can use instead which may be easier to find. Many of the recipes do involve fruits and nuts. Since call desserts like ice cream and frozen yogurt tend to have a lot of sugar, it may be better to get the sugar from actual fruit rather than just some adding table sugar or something that is powdered. We are also impressed by the amount of recipes that require eggs in this book. Eggs are often seen in things like brownies and other baked goods, but they are not necessarily that common in frozen yogurt desserts.

About The Book’s Author

The author of this book is Peggy Fallon. Peggy Fallon has also wrote several other recipe books. She is a professional in the food industry. Peggy Fallon’s birthday is on Thanksgiving. Since then, she has had an affinity for cooking and great meals. Aside from writing cookbooks, she also works as a food writer, editor, recipe tester and developer. The author of this book is also a member of the International Association Of Culinary Professionals, the San Francisco Professional Food Society and other culinary organizations.

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