Review Of Talenti Vanilla Fudge Cookie Gelato in 2023

Talenti gelato is available in many grocery stores. You can find it in the frozen food aisle near ice cream. There are many flavors of Talenti gelato. The flavor that we are reviewing today is vanilla fudge cookie.

Vanilla Fudge Cookie Gelato

There are five layers in the vanilla fudge cookie gelato. The first layer at the very top is the dark chocolate gelato. Beneath that, you will find chocolate cookies and fudge sauce layers. The second layer of gelato (the fourth layer of ingredients) is the vanilla bean gelato. Finally, at the very bottom you will find some broken waffle cones. The way that this gelato is set up is that the second and third layers are sandwiched between dark chocolate and vanilla bean gelato. The largest layers in terms of volume are the gelato layers.

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This gelato must be stored in a freezer. This means that the lid can sometimes be frozen and it can be difficult to open. Due to the frozen part of the lid, it was difficult for us to even open this product. There’s a video we found on the Internet that was quite helpful.

The person in this video basically says to take a butter knife and whack the lid with the non-sharp side. We tried doing it like he did in the video but it didn’t actually work. A comment in the video said it works but you have to hit it several more times than the person in the video did. So we tried again and we hit it a lot more and it did actually work after that. Your mileage may vary.

After finally opening the product, there was a freshness seal. The product was completely sealed from air which is a good thing meaning that it will be more fresh. Here is a picture of the freshness shield before it was opened.

After opening the freshness sale and finally being able to consume the product, we noticed that the top layer of dark chocolate gelato was quite frozen. This is to be expected since it came from the freezer, however it also means that it doesn’t blend into the chocolate cookie and fudge layer immediately. You may want to wait for the top layer to soften a little bit so you can mix it with the second and third layer before eating the product. 

The gelato itself tasted quite good. After it melts a little bit, you can mix the layers together. The second layer of fudge sauce is more of a liquid that blends easier, the chocolate cookies seem more like chocolate chips and are a bit more solid. Blending vanilla and chocolate into one product can let you taste the best of both worlds. You no longer have to choose between vanilla or chocolate because you can have them both.

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